Travelling with your dog

June 30, 2016

DSC03297Traveling with your dog on vacation can be a fun and exciting adventure for you and your pet. It can also alleviate you spending a great deal of time worrying about them while you’re away. Before you set off together, you need to do your homework. Although cars and planes can guide you to your destination, a lot of thought and careful planning can help make your trip a success. It can also provide more relaxing times for both you and your dog. The following are helpful tips when traveling with your dog.

Health and Wellness

Before you embark on your vacation, you want to take your dog to the vet for a checkup. This can also prove beneficial if you decide to kennel your dog. Your veterinarian will be able to examine your dog’s health and wellness. They can also ensure that they are up-to-date with all vaccinations. Depending on where you decide to go, your vet can also provide you with shot records and health certifications in case they are required by the airline or border officers. Another important part to healthy dog ownership is ensuring that your pet behaves properly. Dog training classes cover the basics and beyond. If you’re traveling, you want your dog to be able to come when called, sit, stay and lay down.


Dog ownership is important and should never be taken lightly. You can begin training early on by crating your puppy. Seen as a safe haven and comfortable place to go for some quiet time, the crate should always be a positive experience at home. It can also prove helpful when you go on vacation. Whether you’re traveling in your vehicle, staying in a hotel or visiting a relative or friend’s home, it’s a great place for keeping your pet out of trouble. The crate should be big enough for them to lay, turn and stand in. It should also come without interior protrusions and have sturdy handles and proper ventilation.


Although you may do your best to keep your dog properly leashed, they may unexpectedly get away. If this happens, you want to boost your dog’s chances of finding their way back to you. Preventative tips include providing a sturdy collar and leash. If it looks worn, purchase new gear before your trip. The collar should also have an identification tag that lists your smart phone, email address and home address. This provides plenty of options for someone to reach you in case they find your dog. A microchip is a permanent I.D. tag that can help in case your dog ever gets lost. A recent picture of your dog on your phone can also prove beneficial if your dog gets away from you.

Travel by Vehicle

Not all pet owners are lucky to be able to find such wonderful pet boarding accommodations in the Lakewood and Golden areas. But if you’re going to travel by car, you want your dog to get used to your ride. Small trips to the bank, around the neighborhood or to the dog park are ideal places to start. If your dog gets car sick easily, they may travel better on an empty stomach. But you need to at least provide plenty of fresh water to avoid dehydration. Your car should also be properly ventilated by opening windows or air condition. Never, ever leave your pet alone in a car for any period of time, especially during warm weather. If you’re traveling far, make sure you stop regularly for potty and exercise breaks. A crate or seat belt harness can provide protection if you’re traveling alone with your dog.

Other Modes of Transportation

There are other modes of transportation such as planes, trains and buses. However, you need to determine if your dog is allowed before you schedule your trip. Airlines may also have specific requirements such as health certifications, vaccinations and weight or size restrictions. Although small dogs may ride crated underneath your airline seat, larger dogs must be transported as cargo. If your dog suffers any sort of anxiety, medication prescribed by your vet can help them through the journey.

Food and Lodging

Traveling with your pet has become widely popular. Although a kennel can give your pet their own pampered vacation experience in the Golden area, you’ll find plenty of sites dedicated to your dog. The Internet sites help dog owners find lodging where pets are welcome. Whether you stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast or with relatives, you want to be respectful of your host and other lodge mates. If you’ve been through dog training, you should be able to keep them as quiet as possible and ensure that they don’t destroy anything in your room. If you decide to bring your dog on vacation, you need to keep them with you at all times. Ask where the best places to walk your dog and always pick up after them. If you plan to eat out, there are establishments that allow dogs. They may even cater to them and have certain items on their menus dedicated to your canine friend. You can make sure your dog is on their best behavior by socializing your dog ahead of time with both people and other dogs. Enroll your pet in dog daycare well in advance of your trip. If you work during the day, this is a great way for your dog to learn important skills and alleviate boredom. Dog daycare can also make for a happier and better behaved doggie.

Dog Boarding Facility

There may be times when you’re unable to take your dog with you when traveling. That’s why it’s important to do your research to find a reputable, happy and trustworthy dog boarding facility. Well in advance of your trip, you want to do your homework and interview the places that may be a good fit. Your dog should be a part of the process, as you can tell if they feel comfortable at a particular place and welcoming by the caretakers. Online reviews and word of mouth from friends, neighbors and family members can help you find the right boarding facility. In addition to being caring and loving, the dog boarding should be affordable and have extensive knowledge and experience with dogs. Here you can find expert care, love and attention for your best canine friend in the surrounding communities of Golden, Denver, Arvada and Lakewood.