It Takes a Village to Raise a Pup

February 15, 2018
The trainers at Pet Peeves want to thank each and every canine and owner who walks in the door. With decades of experience, Pet Peeves trainers continue to love, train and play with Golden, Colorado pets. It’s not a surprise that every trainer is dedicated to their passion for animals. Allow this group to extend their appreciation to the clients as this thank-you note takes form.

A Client’s Commitment

DSC07026Lakewood residents have many choices when it comes to boarding or dog training. Pet Peeves trainers understand that every dime that clients earn is carefully doled out among their bills. Paying for any animal service means that the clients care a great deal for their animals.

Because clients are committed to this kennel, the trainers respond in kind. Clients only receive the best treatment, from a welcoming smile to a wave goodbye. Pet Peeves believes that a client’s business must be won with each visit. Every dog is treated like a royal at this Golden location.

Facilities Define the Experience

As a constant thank you to the clients, Pet Peeves updates the experiences at the dog boarding facility. Enclosures, sleeping areas and feeding locations are clean, neat and perfectly designed for both small and large dogs. Pet Peeves knows that dogs are stimulated by their environment. It makes sense that updates to the surroundings will only thrill each client as they return for another dog training session. If there’s ever anything that can be improved, rest assured that the trainers are on top of such concerns.

Ongoing Human Training

Every pooch that visits Pet Peeves deserves a well-educated human. The trainers have about 30 years of experience, which gives the pups a chance to learn volumes at each dog daycare appointment. Trainers go over breed-specific information, especially if there are real concerns about behavior.

Trainer education includes animal psychology as well as behavioral conditioning. Because of the clients’ continued support, dogs in the Lakewood area have a chance to learn dozens of commands that make them easier to handle through the years.

Included Perks

Pet Peeves trainers want every pooch to be happy with its experiences. For this reason, the trainers include many perks during daycare or dog boarding. Treats handed out at appropriate times are typical. There’s a mandatory nap period that’s always supervised along with hours of playtime too. Every client can be confident that his or her dog is thrilled to be at the facility each day. They may never want to venture home because doggy pals are at the property on a regular basis. It’s this love and dedication that drives this business in the local area.

Overnight or Playdate?

Pet Peeves knows that flexibility is the hallmark of any strong business. In fact, the trainers think of themselves as an extension of their clients’ families. Pet owners and canines need both daytime care and some overnight fun. Because of the community’s support, Pet Peeves is able to bring those services to everyone who’s in need.

The trust instilled in the trainers makes it possible for them to supervise the animals throughout the day and night. No need goes ignored. If a pooch is ready for some fun with a ball, it receives every fetching opportunity possible.

Training to Perfect a Pup’s Behavior

Although playtime and overnight accommodations are a specialty at Pet Peeves, the trainers are thrilled to bring their expertise to the training sessions too. Training might involve basic commands for puppies, such as staying or heeling.

Pet Peeves services also extend to unique training that has to do with a dog’s distinct behavior. Aggression, whining and barking can all be addressed by the dedicated professionals at this facility. A customized plan might be in a client’s future when they have particular needs to cover.

Supporting the Local Government

Pet Peeves clients have so much gratitude toward the staff that even the government has taken notice. Consulting and training options are available when court-ordered documentation is involved. The staff is thrilled to work with every animal, including cases where aggression, escaping or chewing are in need of an evaluation.

Every canine deserves to have a professional’s opinion when legal proceedings are part of their world. Dedication to these animals means that every consultation is thorough and accurate based on decades of experience.

Flexible Hours

A busy schedule means that clients need flexible hours for their drop-off and pickup needs. Pet Peeves has every client covered because the office is open for nearly 12 hours each day. The staff simply recommends dropping off the pup early on in the day so that any nerves can be calmed before nap time and meals. The only time that the office closes is during nap time, which is important for every person and canine at the property.

Dedication to the Rural Community

Pet Peeves is located in a rural community with thousands of square feet to explore. From a dog’s perspective, this open area is heaven. Being cooped up in a small area with many other dogs is stressful. Think of how people feel when they’re standing in a full elevator. Space to stretch and relax is important for both people and canines.

The facility has large, play areas with climate-controlled sections for rest. Every dog has a chance to romp and explore while feeling safe as they drift off to sleep. The outdoor environment is an inviting one.

Clients can be sure that their pups are safe and sound at Pet Peeves dog daycare. One glance at the property tells visitors that dog heaven is real. Wide-open spaces, toys and countless other distractions stimulate the dogs as they enjoy the kennel. The trainers continue to thank every loyal client as paws scamper through the facility on a constant basis.