Aggression and Unwanted Activities Result From So-Called Jealous Behaviors

March 12, 2018
Dog Daycare in Golden Colorado

Experienced, dog owners know when their pets are out of sorts. Suddenly, a docile pup is up and barking at another pet in the house. This scenario may not be normal for this particular animal. It’s a fact that dogs have emotions that can run out of control, including behaviors that appear like jealousy. If more »

Listening is a Skill Learned by Dogs Over Time

March 5, 2018
Training your dog

Pet owners are passionate about their dogs. They’re incredibly smart animals with a lot to give. Following commands is one of the most important skills an owner can teach their dog. Canines have the mental capacity to follow almost any direction, but the teaching must be specialized to their needs. As pet owners try out more »

Winter Time Antics at Pet Peeves

February 28, 2018
Lakewood adventures

It Takes a Village to Raise a Pup

February 15, 2018

The trainers at Pet Peeves want to thank each and every canine and owner who walks in the door. With decades of experience, Pet Peeves trainers continue to love, train and play with Golden, Colorado pets. It’s not a surprise that every trainer is dedicated to their passion for animals. Allow this group to extend more »