It takes all kinds of friends to make an awesome community

May 24, 2018

Spring Cleaning for Pet Owners: Simple Tips to Keep the Fur at Bay

May 12, 2018
Spring Cleaning

Remove Odors and Dander Like a Pro With These Pet-Owner Tips Pet owners around the nation celebrate spring as it arrives. This time of year means that long walks and romping in the backyard are daily occurrences for dogs. Pet owners also anticipate the shock of seeing all of the fur and dander in the more »

How Much is Too Much Exercise for Your Puppy?

May 2, 2018

Every Puppy Offers Its Unique Energy to the Lakewood Family Unit New, pet owners are thrilled to have a puppy in the household. The energy levels are practically tangible as it roams around and plays. In most households, keeping the puppy entertained is a main goal. Fighting off obesity might be on the residents’ minds. more »

Springtime 2018 at Pet Peeves

April 25, 2018