Natural Disaster Preparation for Your Dog

September 29, 2017

Special Care for Pets During a Natural Disaster People around the nation have watched hurricane after hurricane strike the Caribbean, Florida and the Gulf Coast in 2017. The resulting destruction is almost beyond comprehension. Preserving human life is always the top priority, but taking care of pets impacted by natural disasters is just as important. more »

Keeping your dog safe and calm during Halloween

September 25, 2017
Keep your dog safe on Halloween

Furry Friends Require Extra Care Around Halloween Halloween is a spooky and exciting time to dress up like a favorite character and “haunt” the neighborhood. Knocking on doors for candy is a time-honored tradition for people, but those canine friends don’t appreciate the disturbances. Aside from the year-end holidays and Fourth of July, Halloween is more »

Fun in August, 2017

August 28, 2017

Activities to Captivate Your Bored K-9 Fried

Keep your dog entertained

Here’s a simple truth: a bored dog is a destructive dog. Anyone that’s tried to leave a dog at the house by themselves knows full well the destructive power that a canine can inflict if there’s no stimulation to keep their bodies and brains moving. When dogs aren’t sleeping, they crave activities of some kind, more »