Dog Behavior Consulting in Golden, CO

May 15, 2013

Expert Dog Behavior Consulting in Golden and LakewoodBehavioral Specialist, Kris Weckerling will help you on a case by case basis and work out an individual treatment program utilizing behavior modification protocols that are best suited for you and your dog as well as any other pet in your family.

Programs are available for anxiety, aggression, attention seeking, barking, chewing, escaping, sibling rivalry, improper elimination and others. In addition, Kris accepts court ordered consults for the municipalities in Jefferson County and Denver County. Kris also has several years of experience serving as an expert witness and giving court testimony in a variety of circumstances.

Free Phone Consultation ($100.00 value)

If you have a need to lessen or resolve a problem pet behavior effectively and humanely, a consultation will give you the tools you need to succeed. Kris can provide you with positive information based on the scientific principles of animal behavior. This approach is a safe, acceptable alternative for understanding the human-animal bond one pet at a time.

Successfully implementing a treatment/rehabilitation program requires patience, consistency and kindness. With degrees of Behavioral Biology (1978), Veterinary Medicine (1984) and Psychology (1986), Kris has been helping owners manage their pets for over 30 years.

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