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May 17, 2013

Training Services in DenverHumans didn’t invent learning. Animals evolved with the ability to learn. Training is just learning. Dogs like it, we like it and if done well and thoughtfully, it makes our lives and our dogs lives better. Anyone can learn to raise and train their dogs to be well behaved. Through guided training programs and basic obedience, good manners can be achieved. Properly applied, without coercion, aversive techniques, punishment or fear, a behavior can be changed through teaching new skills.

Kris Weckerling has been providing professional training for dogs and their people throughout Colorado and the Denver metro area using modification techniques and positive reinforcement, combined with practical experience based on the scientific principles of animal behavior. Kris can communicate with dogs on a level that’s remarkable and gets results. Communication is necessary in any successful relationship.

  • Behavioral
    • Court ordered evaluations – prosecution or defense
    • General evaluations
    • Aggression
    • Service dog issues
    • new animal adoptions
    • More Info
  • Nuisance issues
    • leash/door reactivity
    • Puppy bite inhibition
    • Jumping/barking
    • Crate/house training
    • Anxiety
    • More Info
  • Obedience training
    • Puppy foundation classes – safe start
    • Basic level 1
    • Intermediate level 2
    • Advanced level 3
    • Canine good citizenship
    • More Info
  • Check with Kris and discuss which course best meets you and your dog’s needs.

    • Four week private package – $575.00
    • Six week group class – $775.00
    • Six week private package – $855.00
    • Hourly lessons – $143.00/hr. Best used to polish behavior.
    • Court ordered evaluations are based on an estimated hourly rate of $143.00, which includes the visit, the evaluation and submitting a written report to the court. Additional hourly charges apply in the event court testimony is required.

      A trip charge will apply to in person visits at 57.5 cents/mile.

    We offer group classes, private lessons and in-home sessions. They range from basic obedience level 1 to advanced curriculum.

    Teachings are based on positive reinforcement, operant /classical conditioning and motivation. Utilizing the clicker training method versus the more traditional choke chain approach, produces faster and more efficient results. All nuisance behaviors will be addressed in class.