Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Spring

February 23, 2017

keeping your dogs safe in the springKeeping your Dog Safe in the Spring
Though we are still in the midst of winter, before you know it, the snow will be melting and the flowers will be blooming. That’s right, springtime is just around the corner. Spring is the perfect season to get outside and get moving. This goes for both you and your dog. Especially if you are anywhere near Lakewood or Golden Colorado, your pup is probably very anxious to get outside again. However, with the warmer weather comes new health and safety concerns. To ensure your dog is happy, healthy, and safe this spring, check out our tips below.

Spring Cleaning

When the weather gets warm, there is nothing better than the first cleaning of springtime. However satisfying as this may be, a lot of cleaners and chemicals can be dangerous for your pets. Even natural cleaners contain some chemicals that can be toxic to your dog. Make sure you read the labels thoroughly before using them and follow all directions for proper use and storage.

Fleas and Ticks

The cold weather is finally dissipating and you and your dog can go finally enjoy going outside again. However, you are not the only ones who enjoy coming out in the springtime. Bugs and insects thrive in the warmer weather. Make sure your dog is up to date with his or her flea and tick control medication. It does not matter whether you decide to get a collar or a topical medication, as long as you get something.

Mosquitoes and Heartworm

If you are local to the Lakewood and Golden area of Colorado, spring is the season when mosquitoes first become active. Yes, mosquitos can bite dogs and yes, it can cause pain and itching for them. Perhaps even worse than that: mosquitoes can transmit heartworm. At the first sign of spring, you should head down to your vet and get your dog preventative heartworm medication. After all, the cost of the medicine is nothing compared to the cost of treating the actual disease.

Gardening and Plants

Be very cautious when deciding what plants and flowers to place in your garden and bring into your home. There is a lot of fauna that is toxic to pets which can result in illness or even death. Mulch and fertilizers can also be toxic to dogs. If you must use them, be sure to store them somewhere your dog cannot reach them and do not allow your dog to enter the garden area. To be on the safe side, refrain from using them altogether.

Home Renovations

Getting some work done on the house? You need to be extra careful with dogs around. Certain products commonly used during home repair can be toxic to your pets and even cause irritation and chemical burns. Check the labels of things like paints and solvents to see if they are labeled as pet safe. Or better yet, keep your dog far away from any renovations. This is especially advised due to certain physical dangers too. You would not want your pup to step on a nail or go anywhere near power equipment. It is best to just keep them away.


Spring is also known as allergy season, and for good reason too. Our pets can develop allergies to a lot of the same things we can. This can include dust, pollen, plants, and certain foods. Look out for symptoms like sneezing, sniffling, and itching. There is also the much more serious symptom of anaphylactic shock. If you notice your dog exhibiting any of these signs, make an appointment with your vet as soon as you can.

Watch Out for Dog Park Bullies

Now that the weather is warmer, you will probably be heading to the dog park more and more. This can be a great way to get outside and use up some energy, but it is important to keep a watchful eye on your pup. It is your responsibility to make sure that every trip is fun and safe. Know how to spot a dog park bully and any signs that your dog may be uncomfortable. With a little bit of dog training, the park can be enjoyable for all. If the bullying goes too far, considering signing up for a play group or daycare at a localdog boarding facility or kennel.

Buckle Up

You wouldn’t let your children ride in the car without a seatbelt, so why would you let your dog ride without one? Most dogs love sticking their heads out the window while riding in the car, but this can actually be quite dangerous. Flying insects and debris outside can serious damage to the ears, eyes, and even lungs. Plus, sharp turns and short stops can cause your pet to go flying and injure them. Your pet should always be secured when riding in the car, either in a specially designed seatbelt harness or a traveling crate.

Sign up for Dog Daycare

Spring is the perfect time to enroll in dog daycare program. Your pup will learn the valuable skill of socializing with other dogs and humans. This is also a great way to release some of that excess energy that has been building up over the winter. Usually, they can also offer hands-on dog training, too. Many dog boarding companies and kennel offer this service.

Outdoors Safety

After being stuck inside all winter, your dog will be more energetic and excited to get outside now that spring is here. You two will be going on longer walks and visiting the park more frequently. However, all this being outside more also means more opportunity for your pet to run off. Every time you go outside, make sure your pup has his collar and tag on. The tag should contain information like his name, your address, phone number, and other contact information. You should also get your dog microchipped. This is all so that if they do escape, there is a better chance that they will be returned to you safely.