Friends come in all shapes and sizes

January 30, 2019

Slipping and Sliding: How to Keep Your Dog Safe on the Ice

January 28, 2019

Every Dog is Prone to Slips and Falls With winter in full swing, dog owners must deal with snowy and icy conditions. It’s just a part of Lakewood life. However, there are real concerns to think about as the family dog and owner step outside of the comfortable home. Ice will cover stairs, sidewalks and more »

Learn the Rules of the Sidewalk for a Pleasant Outing With Fido

November 23, 2018

Anyone who’s walked down the street in a busy neighborhood has probably seen dogs on leashes or barking behind their respective fences. When pet owners take their pooches out on a walk, there are unspoken rules that should be followed. Stay safe out there with dog-walking etiquette from the experts. Fido will be happy to more »

Another fun Halloween at Pet Peeves

November 17, 2018