Pet Peeves: The Right Choice for Dog Daycare

March 29, 2019

Gain More Than Just Doggy Daycare From the Experts at Pet Peeves

DSC07613Pet hotels and boarding facilities aren’t new concepts in the doggy-dog world. They’ve been around for years. Today’s pet owners, however, are looking for a more personalized choice when it comes to dog daycare. With more than 20 years of experience, Pet Peeves is the right choice for the family pet when daycare is required. Learn all about this small business and the talented people who’re excited to meet every dog in the neighborhood.

Passion Over Profits

The entire team at Pet Peeves is part of a small business being run in a house that has been converted into a dog daycare facility. There are no corporations backing this facility. As a pet owner, this fact should come as a relief. Most large-chain facilities tend to have an impersonal feel. Fences, concrete and cramped enclosures are the norm.

Pet Peeves uses passion as the driving force. Lakewood residents bring their pups to this facility, and excited staff members greet them every time. There’s no quota of animals to keep or selling techniques thrown in during a visit. The facility is a place where dogs receive the care that they deserve along with a lot of love and fun.

A Team for Your Pup

Pet owners want the needs of their dogs to come first. Quality care is the rule of the land at Pet Peeves. For this reason, the ratio of staff members to dogs is incredibly high. The purpose of this dog training and care facility is natural experiences. There shouldn’t be one staff member to a herd of dogs, which you might see at large-chain facilities.

Staff members get to know each dog and its unique personality. The one-on-one attention offered at Pet Peeves is an everyday service that’s priceless for both the animals and pet owners.

Indoor and Outdoor Oasis

Square footage is a premium at large-chain facilities. Dogs are typically enclosed for most of the day. Pet Peeves works on an entirely different level. In fact, this facility boasts more than 40,000 square feet of outdoor spaces with plenty of grassy areas. With careful grouping strategies, the dogs are allowed to frolic and play under supervision. There’s nowhere else in Golden where a dog has more outdoor areas to explore.

The indoor spaces are huge at around 5,000 square feet. When the weather is a bit frightful, playtime is still possible in the conditioned space.

Greeting Kris Weckerling

Kris Weckerling has extensive experience with dogs over the past 40 years. From taking care of his own pets to earning a degree in veterinary medicine, his love of animals expands farther than just a basic education.

He saw some of the dog daycare facilities around Lakewood in the past, and he knew there was a better way to care for these pups. He opened up Pet Peeves with a focus on the whole animal. Both the mental and physical aspects of dog training and care are always priorities.

Getting to Know the Support Staff

DSC07632-The entire staff is always working toward continuing their education. From pursuing degrees to taking the latest classes on animal behavior, every employee is dedicated to learning more about canines. They’re even trained and regularly updated on first-aid and CPR classes as well.

Remember that it’s not just a clean-and-open facility that pleases the pups on site. The employees work closely with each dog, which enhances the care almost exponentially. Many dogs become close with the employees so that the care is more fun than a boarding experience.

Working With the Community

Pet Peeves does more than just care for pups. Kris Weckerling provides legal consultations, court ordered evaluations, consulting with the municipalities throughout the Denver metro area and providing expert testimony in legal proceedings. His expertise is unsurpassed in this industry. The facility is also a member of many community partnerships in order to make the neighborhood a better place.

By working with dogs, the staff improves the community with well-behaved canines. Barking and aggression may be calmed in the surrounding neighborhood. Properly trained pets translate into happier families as everyone gets along.

Stimulating the Mind, Not the Checkbook

Large-chain facilities try to “wow” their clients with fancy facilities and dog training claims. Avoid the aesthetic appeal and look for the heart of a facility. Kris Weckerling has a deep love for dogs that extends farther than just medicinal care. He has degrees in behavioral and psychological subjects that only improves a dog’s stay at the Golden facility. Pet Peeves aims to stimulate the pup’s mind instead of draining your financial accounts.

Supporting Small Businesses Today

Small businesses contribute greatly to America’s economy. In fact, most businesses are small by industry definitions. Choosing Pet Peeves over a large-chain facility provides jobs to locals in the Lakewood area and encourages education surrounding safe and nurturing pet care.

Putting your trust into a small business also builds community bonds. Kris Weckerling is your neighbor. His training and experience helps pups with behavioral issues while supporting the loving, pet owners.

Visiting Our Facility

Pet Peeves is now accepting new reservations for dog daycare and other services. Pet owners are always welcome to visit during operating hours. It’s privately owned and operated, but visitors will feel welcomed from the moment that they step out of their vehicles. Bring those pets so that they can see the excitement around the grounds.

Make a reservation today because space is limited. The family pet will feel like Pet Peeves is another form of home after even one visit.

Pet Peeves is a welcoming facility out of Golden, Colorado. Give us a call or stop by during business hours. The staff welcomes both canine and humans to the property as everyone gets familiar with the homey atmosphere. Let the family pet feel free at our facility. Pet Peeves is simply an extended family for that favorite pup.