Keeping your Dog Safe in the Car

June 28, 2017

DSC06119Almost every pet owner lets their dogs ride in their cars. Most will take measures to increase their security and safety, but just about everyone allows their dogs to ride loose. The pet is usually free to roam around the back seat and even get their heads out to feel the breeze. Even worse, some people let their dogs ride unrestrained in the front seat. This is risky for you and your pet. Even with the existence of dog daycare services, many still feel okay exposing their pets to such risks.

In the past, safety for humans was not even enforced. You could simply choose to leave out safety belts altogether. In modern times, however, people are more conscious of the injuries since they can be sustained without warning. That is why everyone in the car uses safety belts, and children ride in the back seat and are usually tightly restrained. Motorists are also driving a lot more carefully because of the increased safety awareness.

That said, pet owners have not yet been able to digest the safety needs of their dogs. Being hyperactive animals, these pets are likely to cause chaos when something small triggers them, and that can put everyone in danger. In case of an accident, the pet will suffer the worst injuries just because he was not restrained. Serious accidents can even lead to the death of your pet.

Keeping your dog safe in the car is very simple. In case you are unable to implement these tips immediately, you can consider leaving your pet at a dog boarding home till you get back from your trip. If you still want to bring your dog along, follow the next tips, and your pet will always be safe and comfortable.

Use Restraint Attachments

Everyone else in the car is securely held to their seats with safety belts. Your dog should also enjoy the same security. Restraints for dogs come in many forms, but all are meant to limit the movement of the pet and prevent serious injury in case of an accident. These attachments can actually help in dog training to make your dog less anxious and a lot calmer.

Harnesses or restraint attachments will serve this purpose perfectly. For maximum protection, the belt should run across the dog. Playful and active dogs can set themselves free of loosely tied belts with only a single strap.

Get your Pet a Traveling Crate

Crates are becoming very popular among dog owners who like to travel with their pets. A crate is supposed to provide a secure kennel for the pet in your car. In their confined spaces, they will not overreact because of noises or sights on the road. Also, playful dogs can be held in place when traveling. Otherwise, your dog can jump onto you when driving. Some dogs like to sit on their owner’s laps, and if this happens in the middle of the road, your chances of losing control are very high. A traveling kennel will not give your dog such an option.

Use Barriers for the Back Seat of your Automobile

Another alternative is to simply let your pet ride in the back of your car and use barriers to limit distraction and activity. Barriers for the back seat are sold by many companies around the Lakewood and Golden areas and are made to suit specific cars. You should, therefore, check your car type and model before ordering one. The installation of these barriers can prove to be impossible if you get the wrong product. Besides, if you use the wrong type of barrier, your dog will easily figure out a way to get to you.

Using these products will block the dog from reaching you in the driver’s seat, and as a result, there is a lower chance of an accident occurring.

Give the Dog Some Time to Relax Between Long Trips

Many dogs don’t like traveling in cars. They get irritated easily with the noise and scenery and even overreact because of these elements. In addition, they get tired in the middle of the road, just like human beings. If you strap up your dog or confine it to a crate, they will even be more anxious to get out of the automobile.

That is why you need to have stopovers in between your long journeys to allow the dog some breathing space. Also, you should provide water and snacks to reduce the discomfort your dog suffers while traveling. These can help in dog training and will significantly improve the behavior of your pet in the car. Once relaxed, your dog will be ready to stay calm for another section of the journey.

Do not leave your Dog in the Car during Summer

Leaving your pet in your vehicle in whatever weather is illegal in many places. If the authorities do not handle the issue, you should still consider taking your dog with you when you step out of the vehicle.

Many times, the temperature inside the car is a lot higher than that of the outside environment. Because of this, you can easily misinterpret the stress your dog is in. Worse still, the temperatures will rise significantly once the windows and doors are locked. Even before you get out of sight of your car, the temperatures will have risen to very uncomfortable levels. Your pet can’t possibly know how to protect himself in such a situation.

Leaving your dog unattended on hot summer days is an almost sure way to kill your pet. Heat strokes have led to the sad death of many dogs. For this reason, you should always stay with your dog in the car or walk him. Puppies and elderly dogs are less likely to survive the mildest of heat strokes.


Ensuring safety for your dog in the car is important. It will serve to reduce the risk of injury to the pet and even to you as the driver. Dog owners in the areas of Lakewood and Golden can take advantage of dog daycare facilities when they are out traveling to eliminate the problem altogether. Alternatively, residents can make use of the dog boarding services.