People Food That’s Safe for Your Dog

July 26, 2017

feeding-your-dogAs a dog parent, you want the best for your dog and sometimes people think the best is feeding them leftovers. It’s difficult to say no to that adorable face, isn’t it? Unfortunately, not everything that humans eat is okay for a dog and it’s important to be aware of what is and isn’t good for dogs that may be dog boarding in Lakewood.

The good news is that some people food is actually healthy and good for your dog, so whether you are leaving your Golden retriever or your pug at a kennel or even just in dog training at a dog daycare, you can know what to add to their diet when they are gone.

Healthy Human Food for Your Dog

Look in your pantry and you’ll find several items that your dog can’t eat. Look again and you’ll find these healthy foods are actually just as good for your four-legged friend as they are for you. Check out these top 10 foods that your dog will be happy to share with you, whether at home or in dog care:

  1. Peanut Butter-Not only is peanut butter good for your dog, but it’s also a favorite snack for many of them as it may be for you or your children. It contains plenty of protein, as well as vitamin E and B. You may want to avoid peanut butter with too much salt and also check to make sure that it doesn’t contain Xylitol (a sweetener) which is a big NO-NO for dogs. Organic is best, but always check the label.
  2. Cheese-Of course, as with some humans, some dogs are not able to eat dairy, but if your dog can and happily will, they will enjoy a bite of cheese every now and then. While various cheeses are healthy for them, ones with high protein or calcium content are even better. Just make sure that they don’t eat too much cheese—it tends to be fattening.
  3. Carrots-Carrots are healthy for humans and they are healthy for dogs. If you are worried about your dog gaining weight, this is a good snack option for them as it isn’t fattening at all. High in fiber, you can make sure that they are getting great nutrients from carrots without the possibility of gaining weight. (It happens to dogs, too!)
  4. Eggs-While you don’t want to give your dog the seasoned eggs that you cooked for the whole family, while you’re cooking, why not fry up some eggs for your little friend. They will enjoy them and receive protein benefits.
  5. Green beans-Just as some of us might want to lose a few pounds, dogs need to go on diets as well. Green beans are an excellent snack for your chubby friend and will provide them with fiber for healthy living and you don’t have to worry about them gaining weight.
  6. Salmon-Fish is just good for anyone who wants healthy protein—your dog included. It includes omega-3 and is a healthy alternative to their dog food diet. Just make sure to serve it to them cooked and unseasoned.
  7. Pumpkin-It’s hard to leave your dog, even if just for a day at a Lakewood kennel, but if you leave them with pumpkin, we are sure that they won’t mind it so much. While you don’t want to make a pumpkin pie, as your dog shouldn’t eat sugar or spices, raw, can or cooked pumpkin are all great ways to make your pup happy while also making sure they get healthy vitamins.
  8. Oatmeal-While you do need to check with your dog’s vet to make sure that they aren’t sensitive to oatmeal and other grains, this may be a healthy vitamin/mineral packed dish to serve your best animal friend. Whether you pack some for their day dog training at a dog care facility or you make some extra non-sweetened oatmeal at home for your pup, oatmeal is a healthy fiber-filled meal.
  9. Yogurt-Again, you will want to make sure that you avoid giving your dog anything that contains sweeteners, so make sure that you get yogurt that is truly sugar-free. It has plenty of calcium and protein benefits that will ensure that your dog has the healthiest digestive system around. Other dog moms and dads will sit up and take notice.
  10. Chicken-A lot of dogs enjoy chicken. They love the taste, the bones, and enjoying it while you feed some to them at the dinner table. Dogs shouldn’t eat cooked bones, but they can definitely enjoy chewing on raw ones. Cooked chicken bones have been known to choke dogs due to splintering, so avoid feeding them the bones from your cooked chicken as tempting as it may be.

As you can see, there are plenty of foods that your dog can enjoy that you have at home. As with anything that you give your dog, make sure to check beforehand with your vet to ensure that the food is safe for your dog’s breed and health conditions. Just as some humans have certain health issues that impede them from including some of these items in their diet, your dog may suffer from an allergy or intolerance as well.

If you are bringing your Golden to a dog daycare and want to be sure that they get the healthy food they need beforehand, make sure to communicate with those who are in charge of dog care in the facility to ensure that they get the best care and food while in dog boarding.