Keeping your dog safe and calm during Halloween

September 25, 2017

Keep your dog safe on Halloween

Furry Friends Require Extra Care Around Halloween

Halloween is a spooky and exciting time to dress up like a favorite character and “haunt” the neighborhood. Knocking on doors for candy is a time-honored tradition for people, but those canine friends don’t appreciate the disturbances. Aside from the year-end holidays and Fourth of July, Halloween is one of the most stressful days for those lovable pooches. Before October 31st arrives, take a moment to prepare the family pet for the upcoming festivities. Safety and comfort are priorities for these furry friends living in Golden or Lakewood, Colorado.

Decorate Out of Reach

Hanging skeletons, draping the house with spiderwebs and every other Halloween decoration creates a spooky vibe. However, the family dog can quickly get into trouble. They might pull on decorations, chew and ingest them. All of the dog training in the world may not be enough to deter pets from investigating these items.

Be mindful of the pet’s reach as the family decorates. Add items high up on walls and ceilings. Consider a tablecloth that wraps around the underside to avoid corner pulls. Every Halloween detail around the home should be “doggy proofed” in order to prioritize safety.

Remember the “No Chocolate” Rule

Speak to any kennel expert, and they’ll tell pet owners that chocolate is incredibly bad for dogs. In some cases, it can be lethal. Be candid with the children when discussing Halloween treats for the family dog. Feed the pet approved treats designed for pups. Local, pet stores might sell fun treats that are designed around the Halloween holiday too.

Keep an eye on the floor around Halloween for any discarded wrappers. Chocolate stuck to a wrapper may be small in size, but it can still be dangerous for the family pet.

Dress the Pooch in Comfortable Costumes

Families enjoy the inclusion of their pets when it comes to Halloween costumes. Pick up a costume for both the kids and pooch, but try the dog’s outfit on well before the big day. In a calm environment, add the costume to the dog. Test out any tight areas that might bother the pooch. It should be comfortable and flexible enough for basic dog movements, such as elimination and barking. If the pet doesn’t like the outfit, don’t force it on the animal. Stress will only mar this occasion otherwise.

Create a Safe Place

Loud noises are part of the Halloween fun for humans. Dogs aren’t too excited by this aspect, however. Pick a room that’s away from all of the festivities, such as an upstairs bedroom. Create a safe area with familiar items, including a bed, blankets and toys. Show the area to the pooch before Halloween. Allow it to get used to the space, which is similar to a dog daycare situation. When Halloween arrives, the dog will know and appreciate the quiet area away from trick-or-treaters at the door.

Close the Windows

A safe place may be perfectly situated in a back bedroom, but noises still carry through open windows. Close the windows to the dog’s safe space. Owners might turn on soft music as an alternative. Many pups enjoy carefully selected music as a way to distract the ears from any disturbing sounds. Family members should follow their instincts when it comes to comforting, background noise. Alternatively, a movie might be a better idea as the dog enjoys the sounds emanating from the television.

Skip the Pumpkin Candles

Placing a candle in a pumpkin is traditional because it lights up the carved face. In today’s modern world, however, there are safer lights to choose from. Dogs that encounter candle-lit pumpkins might burn themselves or knock the flame over, which creates a fire hazard. As an alternative, use glow sticks or LED lights to make your pumpkin smile.

Update Photos and Canine Identification

Dogs become spooked very easily on Halloween. A safe area may be in place, but that fact doesn’t mean that the animal won’t bolt from the house at some point. Be prepared for any lost-pet scenarios by updating the dog’s identification tag. Verify that the tag is securely fastened to the collar with current, contact information. If the pet has a microchip, make sure that the service has a current photo. When a pet goes missing, a photo to match with the chip will only improve the chances of a dog returning home.

Be Ready With 24-Hour Veterinary Care

Families can be as careful as possible, but health issues may arise on Halloween. Be prepared with a trusted veterinarian who has 24-hour operations. These facilities are typically hospitals. Keep the phone number handy and know the directions to the facility. Family members can immediately take the pooch to the vet if an issue occurs. In most cases, Halloween carries on without much drama. Being ready just makes the situation easier to deal with if it does occur.

Trust in Local Boarders

If family members are particularly concerned about their pups, dog boarding in Golden or Lakewood is an option. Choose from an overnight visit or simply dog daycare. Pet Peeves is a facility that offers a relaxing environment, especially during Halloween. During a stay at this “dog hotel,” pooches can play with other canines as they forget about the scary festivities outside.

Families who leave their pet at a dog boarding facility have the assurance that the animals are top priorities. Food, rest and playtime are all included in a reasonable, kennel charge.

Families can opt for dog boarding or staying at home over the Halloween holiday. Both choices can be positive ones when family members remember the dog’s perspective of the activities. With lots of love and solid dog training, the family pet can rest comfortably through Halloween as everyone enjoys the candy fun.