Spring Cleaning for Pet Owners: Simple Tips to Keep the Fur at Bay

May 12, 2018

Spring Cleaning

Remove Odors and Dander Like a Pro With These Pet-Owner Tips

Pet owners around the nation celebrate spring as it arrives. This time of year means that long walks and romping in the backyard are daily occurrences for dogs. Pet owners also anticipate the shock of seeing all of the fur and dander in the house as the springtime sunlight illuminates the space. It’s time to prioritize spring cleaning for your dog or cat. Follow these tips straight from the dog care professionals to see a cleaner household tomorrow.

Soak the Food and Water Bowls

Busy households typically fill water bowls once or twice a day. They don’t necessarily wash them, however. Pick up every pet bowl around the house. Soak them in mild detergent. Give them a good scrubbing too.

Scientific evidence suggests that these pet bowls are some of the dirtiest items in the home. At a local dog daycare, every bowl is washed after each use. Follow the professionals’ advice by making pet-bowl washing a more consistent effort. Fido and Fluffy will have healthier bodies as a result.

Wash the Bedding

Overlooking the pet’s bed as a cleaning chore is commonplace. Dogs hop in and out of their beds all day long. Ideally, strip all of the linens from the dog bed. A foam insert and plastic liner may be all that’s left of the bed afterward.

Use the delicate cycle on the laundry system to wash the bedding. Pet dander and other substances will quickly dissolve away. Pull those blankets away from the bed too. Any linens that come into contact with the pet are inevitably dirty.

Inspect the Toys

Pet owners learn in any dog training class that canines tend to chew on items around the house. Toys serve a purpose as safe items to chew. These toys have many germs on them, however.

Take a look at every toy being used by the pets. If they have a fabric design, try a delicate load in the washing machine. Rubber toys might be hand washed or placed in a dishwasher. Dog care professionals suggest that spring cleaning should also involve toy inspections. Any broken toys should be removed and replaced.

Clean out the Air Filter

If Golden pet owners want to be truly thorough with their spring cleaning, consider a look at the HVAC system. Central-air systems draw in air through a filter, and condition it as hot or cold breezes. The family’s comfort often depends on these systems.

The pets’ fur and dander will also move through the HVAC system. Most of it becomes trapped in the filter. Pull the filter out. Replace or clean it as necessary. The system will operate better with fewer, animal particulates moving through it.

Focus on the Litter Box

Many Lakewood dog owners also have cats. These two species can get along. The cats don’t need a daily walk for elimination purposes, however. They depend on the litter box.

Continue with spring cleaning by completely emptying out the litter box. Discard the old litter. Wash the box with a mild detergent. Pet owners may want to use an outdoor hose for the rinsing process. A clean, litter box protects the cat from germ exposure that can be harmful over time. The house will smell better too.

Use Your Nose

Although pet owners may be vigilant about cleaning up after their pets, accidents occur throughout the home. Spend some quality time in the house. Use the nose as a guiding beacon toward any accidents. Both dogs and cats can urinate in the house. Look for hidden areas, such as corners, that might be marked.

It’s critical to treat these areas, including older accidents. The urine smell attracts the pets again and again. As a result, Golden pets repeatedly mark the area until the scent is neutralized.

Gussy up the Backyard

Spring cleaning can apply to both humans and pets alike. Head to the backyard. It might need some TLC after a Lakewood winter. Ideally, plant over exposed areas of soil. Dogs tend to dig in these areas.

Consider toys that are strictly for the outdoors. When the pets venture outside, they’ll be enthralled by these items. They’ll be so distracted that digging or other destructive behaviors won’t come to mind. Dog training professionals use these strategies for their businesses and homes as well.

Wash and Update the Collar

Most pet owners bathe their dogs at least once a month. They remove the collar, and lather the pooch up. The collar itself should be washed as well. Hand wash the collar with mild detergent. Allow it to air dry.

Think about updating the collar’s identification information too. Old, phone numbers and addresses can make situations difficult if the pet ends up lost. Adding a microchip to the pet might also be a consideration in the springtime. If the pet loses or breaks the collar, the microchip leads animal control to the owner’s doorstep.

Deep Clean the Carpet

Regardless of a family’s cleaning patterns, deep cleaning the carpet should be at the top of the springtime list. Hire a company that specializes in pet households. They use safe chemicals that are also effective on the carpet.

Stains originating from any pet activity can be removed. Point out certain areas that require service. The entire house will smell clean. Keep the pets away from the treated area until it’s completely dried up. Pet owners avoid any muddy tracks with this strategy.

When pet owners have any questions about safe-cleaning procedures, contact a dog daycare professional. These experts can guide certain decisions when it comes to safe detergents and shampoos. Treat Fido or Fluffy with care as spring turns into summer. The cleaning efforts will be rewards to the entire household as fresh air permeates the space.