Support the Family Dog by Being Attentive During Holiday Parties

November 7, 2018


The holiday spirit is going strong within a household, but the family pet isn’t agreeing to the same vibe. Year-end festivities can be stressful for pups of any age. Loud noises and unfamiliar people within their territory creates aggressive issues. Take a few tips from dog training professionals by learning what to do with Fido as the holiday parties kick into full gear. Canines aren’t necessarily party animals.

The Dog Sitter is a Best Friend

In most cases, leaving Fido with a dog sitter is the best course of action. There might be a person that the pup is familiar with and enjoys the company. Give the sitter several days or weeks of notice when a party comes up. Scheduling is much easier as a result.

With the dog cared for by the sitter, the owners can enjoy an afternoon or night out. There’s less stress for the dog, and that fact is often motivation enough to just skip parties with a pup in tow.

Those Special Parties

There will be times when dogs attending parties is the norm. Many animal lovers hold parties for both the owners and pets around the holidays. Bring a leash and harness for the pup. Keep a close eye on the dog. Although it’s a pet-approved party, surprising reactions among the canines are still possible.

Provide positive reinforcement throughout the night, such as a cooing word or dog treat. These actions tell the dog that it’s being good for the situation. A Lakewood party can go on without any drama as a result.

Managing the Social Pup

Some families have dogs that are extremely friendly. They greet every person with a sloppy lick or nudge. Although these actions are certainly friendly, they’re not always welcome by the human recipient. Always pay attention to a social dog. Be aware of people’s reactions to the behaviors. If anyone looks uncomfortable, the pup may need to have a break from the action.

Golden residents must be considerate of people’s feelings. It’s a fact that some people aren’t as comfortable around dogs as other folks.

Erring on the Side of Caution

If pet owners have been invited to a holiday party, it’s best to leave Fido at home. Most parties are designed for people in mind. Dropped candy, spilled drinks and other items can be in easy reach of a pup if it arrives at the party. Illness and stress become experiences of the holiday season.

A Lakewood neighbor might watch out for the pup as the family heads over to the party. Try to tire the dog out before the entire household leaves, such as playing with a ball or taking a walk. The pup will probably sleep for most of the time that the family is gone.

Remember Time Outs

Dogs that enjoy people will need time to themselves after awhile. Be aware of the dog’s behavior during a party. If it becomes agitated, try a timeout. The pet owner can take the dog outside where it’s cool and quiet. Give the dog a rubdown or walk around the yard. Removing the pup from the busy situation is a great way to calm it down so that it can enjoy the party until the end.

Considering Children’s Reactions

Think about who will be attending the party. Whether it’s the pet owner’s party or a separate gathering, there might be children invited. Pet owners might reconsider bringing their dogs if children will be present.

Although they mean well, children can get too curious around pets. Petting the dog, pulling the tail and other actions may generate a negative response in the animal. Leave the dog at home or with a dog daycare professional. The children can have a good time without placing a lot of stress on the pet.

Creating a Safe Space

At times, partygoers need a quiet place to relax. Carry on this courtesy with the pup. Single out the corner of a room. Add a pet-approved fence to the area. Spread out a favorite blanket and toy within the space.

When the dog seems to be more anxious than normal, it’s time to use the safe space. Close the room off to other people. Allow only the pet’s owners to enter the space. Owners might even consider soft music as a way to distract the pup from other sounds, such as laughter or chatter.

Sticking With Routines

When the party is at a dog owner’s home, the environment significantly changes. Bedtimes and habits are suddenly nonexistent. As a result, the dog’s world seems unorganized. It feels stress during the entire party.

If the dog must remain at the home during the party, be sure to stick to a normal schedule. Feed and walk it at the same time as any other day. Although there’s still chaos in the surrounding environment, the routine helps the dog’s mindset. This same strategy is typically employed by dog daycare experts too. It simply calms the dog.

Helping With Social Anxiety

When pet owners want to be truly prepared for the holiday season, visiting a dog training professional is a smart choice. These trainers take the dog’s personality into consideration as they tackle social anxiety. It’s possible to reduce the pup’s aggressive reactions toward people so that holiday parties are less stressful for everyone.

Golden trainers use positive reinforcement in order to train the dogs. After several sessions, the pup should show signs of calmness in an otherwise busy environment.

Don’t forget that dog daycare is still a viable option during the holidays. Ask the local professionals about their hours and availability. These experts understand that the holidays are a busy time for pet owners. When everyone works together, pups and owners can have a swinging time with less stress.